Leave it to Childish Gambino to rely on those itchy keyboardists at Reddit to uncover a secret track from his recent Kauai EP. Fans of EP, which is now streaming on Spotify, may have found themselves scratching their head at the almost all-instrumental remix of "3005" found at the project's tail end. It's not unlike Childish to feature vocal-less moments on his releases, but to call the thing a "remix" was a bit of a stretch, especially since Gambino hinted on Twitter that there was a "secret track" out there.


As it turns out, the "3005 (Beach Picnic Version)" was an incomplete product. The vocals, found on Gambino's becausetheinter.net original screenplay, appeared a capella within the coding on the page. When merged with the instrumental found on the EP, the finalized track appeared as it can now be heard below.

The Reddit user responsible for the find goes by peepsie112. They explained their discovery as followed:

"People keep asking how I found it, so I'll try and explain.

new audioObject("30059","12zzQ809",234) is a line of code used to play 3005 on the because the internet script, "12zzQ809" is the song id or file name, so instead of using "12zzQ809", I just replaced it with lemongrab because above the secret track section it says "[LEMONGRAB: UNNACCEPTABLE!]", nothing too special really."

Gambino, a Redditor himself, confirmed the finding on his official Twitter account.


Check out the complete "3005" remix below and let us know what you think.