It's safe to say Charles Hamilton has had himself quite the series of highs & lows in the music industry over the past few years, from his meteoric rise & fall a couple years ago to his resurgence last year, the Harlem rapper has been through it all. But unfortunately as of late, he's once again disappeared from the game for some reason, and one question remains on everyone’s mind... “What's happened Charles Hamilton?”

Well luckily for fans, Red Bull TV is about to release a new documentary on December 2, aka tomorrow, called “Faultlines,” and it dives deeper into the question of that everyone is wondering. On Tuesday, Red Bull announced the upcoming Fred Scott-directed film by way of a new trailer, which follows Charles around for a full year as he re-enters the industry, and details his come up, and personal struggle that essentially made him leave the game.

“It was so important for me to share my story right now,” says Hamilton. “I'm grateful to my family for intervening because I didn't want help. I just wanted to create in my room in the dark. I have a newfound passion in advocating for artists, young people and other men of color that may be unsure of beginning the process toward wellness. I want to make an impact in this world, whether that's through my music or my life's story."

Watch the trailer for the upcoming doc (bellow) and look for it to drop this Friday (12/2).