Many states are still waiting for the other shoe to drop after voting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November’s elections. Today, Maine joins Massachusetts by having its recreational marijuana laws go into effect today.

If you live in Maine, you can now smoke up legally in your own home. You can also grow and/or possess up to 2.5 ounces of sticky without legal repercussion. You still can’t sell it though, as legislators are still working out the kinks of how marijuana would be sold statewide. They probably won’t want to take too long, as the struggling state definitely wants in on the already $5.8 billion in marijuana sales that were made last year.

Maine had a pre-existing medical marijuana program that should remain unaffected by the new law. So Mainers, enjoy sparking one up free of legal ramifications today and make sure to share with the moose. This will definitely hurt the Burger King weed dealer market.

[via BI]