After a lengthy siege that saw many worldwide calling for a ceasefire so that civilians could vacate the already war-torn city, it appears the brunt of the battle is over. It did not come without much bloodshed, including a report from the UN which accuses the victorious pro-government forces of indiscriminately killing women and children.

Eastern Aleppo was one of two remaining strongholds for the partially United States-backed forces, with the neighboring Idlib province the only one left after the fall of Eastern Aleppo. With the help of Russia, pro-Assad government forces were able to drive the rebels to agree to a reported ceasefire while their families evacuate the city.

The rebels rely heavily on support from Turkey to continue their fight, although Turkey has recently come under fire for its government having ties to ISIS and acting undemocratically. With only one stronghold remaining, the Assad government may find itself in power again soon. However, nothing is promised in this lengthy conflict.

If this seems confusing, it is. The ongoing Syria conflict has become a key proxy-battle between the United States and Russia, and will continue to be a point of interest as the Russian-friendly Trump regime is set to begin next month. Check the chart above to see which countries are the power players behind each of the on-the-ground forces.

[via CNN/NYTimes]