Vacations are times when people unwind and remove themselves from the stressors of their everyday lives, but Rebel Wilson and her friends found themselves in a panic when they were allegedly kidnapped. During an interview with Ant Middleton on Straight Talking, the Brides Maids actress recalled a time when she was vacationing in Africa and was suddenly met with a band of alleged smugglers who ordered her group out of their vehicle while they were in rural Mozambique.

"These men come on another truck with a lot of guns," said Wilson, who also mentioned that the truck pulled alongside their vehicle. "Yeah, with the big guns, and were like, 'You've got to get off your truck.' They took us to this house in the middle of nowhere... I feel like I was very good in the crisis. I was like a team leader."

"They sat us down. I said, 'Everybody link arms.' I'm petrified in the night they might want to take one of the girls or something. Luckily, we weren't harmed," said Rebel. The following day, without explanation, the group of women was freed. "They came and said, 'Oh, your truck is ready now you can go,' you know," she said. "So we just didn't ask any questions, we got back on that truck and just got back out of there and then crossed the South African border a few hours later."

A fortunate ending to a frightening situation. In other news, Wilson will soon be featured on her forthcoming dog-grooming ABC series, Pooch Perfect.