TDE's Reason, is, like his labelmates Soulo, ScHoolboy, Kendrick, and JayRock, an excellent lyricist. As such, it's no wonder that his appearance on BET's Rate The Bars is one of the more memorable installments. 

The segment kicks off with a fellow west-coaster, Snoop Dogg. Reason makes sure to praise those utilizing multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, citing Snoop Dogg's "Gucci Flip Flops Remix" verse as an example. "Pools and saunas and some blue iguanas. That's three syllables at one time," he explains, though he does admit it's difficult to fully endorse without hearing the chosen cadence.

Upon hearing lyrics from his labelmate Ab-Soul, Reason can't quite remember the source of the bars. "Who is that? That's crazy. I know exactly what that is. That's fire though!" Soon, the answer arrives, and he proceeds to praise Soulo's lyrical prowess. "That's Soulo! I'm buggin! that's a ten, Carson in the house!" Next up is Kurupt, who promises to unleash utter violation upon a listener's family tree; Reason respects the agression, though it's not quite enough to land the coveted five on five.

Upon reciting ScHoolboy Q's insane "Blind Threats" bars, Reason immediately dubs it "fire." He points out ScHoolboy's use of juxtaposition, in which he strategically uses both "worst" and "best" to convey a sense of duality. He also has kind words for Russ, praising his "directness," as well as A$AP Rocky's slept on technical prowess. Throughout the entire clip, Reason is refreshingly analytical, providing a grounded take on the craft. For anyone interested in the art of lyricism, this one is definitely worth your while.