Over 14 years after the original (American) film, Samara is still climbing out of TVs. In anticipation of the Feb. 3 premiere of Rings -- the third edition in the U.S. Ring franchise -- the team behind the upcoming film has set up a prank in order to get people scared about TVs once again. "First you watch it, then you die" goes the film's motto, and some unsuspecting shoppers recently thought they were living that prophecy while browsing for TVs at an electronics store in upstate New York. 

The TVs were set up so that they all were simultaneously playing the new Rings trailer, but one of the mounted screens was able to be withdrawn, allowing for the escape of a woman expertly made-up to look like Samara, the filthy-looking resurrected demon girl who's been the source of so many scares throughout all of the Ring movies. 

Samara makes her sneak attacks while the salesman has fully immersed the shoppers with a lesson on the real-life quality of 4K resolution. The reactions are priceless. Watch the trailer for Rings below.