Rappers are not only given a talent to create stunning lyrical masterpieces, but often times, they've also survived incredibly rough upbringings and dangerous circumstances. While some document their story and their struggle in song, there are often plenty of details overlooked, which is why getting a biography on your favorite rapper is usually pretty exciting. 

Several of the rap artists on this list have grown up in the treacherous ghettos of New York City, Los Angeles and other inner-city urban areas. Most of them idolized drug dealers, since they were individuals who came from the same streets and saw what drug-dealing money could get you: cash, women and success. A lot of young men, who later became rappers, followed in the footsteps of these drug dealers, in an attempt to rise above their living situations.

You'll find each biography tells a unique story, and is littered with personal anecdotes and opinions, views of the world, and moments that aren't necessarily covered in their music. Take a look through the list to find yourself a new book or two to read.