Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice sat down for an interview with "CBS This Morning" today to speak about domestic violence in wake of the Kareem Hunt incident. During the interview, in which Rice appeared with his wife Janay, he made it clear that he isn't doing it as a way to rejoin the NFL.

"I'll be the first one to say it: I don't have to retire to tell you I'm done with football," Rice said during an interview with "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday. "The pressure I was under of being a star, that was the person I hated the most," he said.

Rice was released by the Ravens after he was captured on videos punching, kicking and dragging Janay from an elevator in 2014, similar to the recent events involving the Chiefs star running back.

"I hate that person. I hate him," Rice said in the interview. "... Somewhere down the line everybody who's sayin', 'Does he deserve a second chance for football?' And this that and the other -- I actually got my second chance.

"During my darkest moments, and I used to ask myself, 'How could she even be -- want to support me? ... That's understandable. But I think what's misunderstood about us is that the friends we were before the incident. That's why, like I said, when I look at Kareem Hunt, I wanna know what his life was like. I want to know what happened in life. I know Kareem has apologized, and has expressed remorse for survivors of domestic violence."