Charlamagne Tha God said it best: "The internet the only thing capable of beating Thanos when he has all 6 infinity stones."

Such a thesis was indeed put to the test today, with the arrival of the latest ridiculous hip-hop adjacent meme. Today, a clip from Love And Hip-Hop has surfaced, in which Ray J confronts fellow cast-mates Safaree over his hound-doggery. While the confrontation was no doubt excellent water-cooler fodder for tea-mongers and reality-TV fiends, it was a something else entirely that captured the internet's collective interest. Simply put, bad continuity. So bad, in fact, that the brief scene quickly went viral, after one man's incredulous commentary seemingly captured a nation's sentiments. 

The hat in question seems to move as if with independent thought, leaving us wondering whether cinematic continuity is a privilege or a right. In any case, people seemed to enjoy taking the piss outta the whole situation. Peep some of the most notable reactions below, and remember this crucial fact: on the lawless, Bone Tomahawk-esque plains of the internet, hat move you.