Every family has their drama as we've learned publicly with the Kardashians and more recently Keyshia Cole. The latest string of negative family happenings comes by way of Ray J since his wife is feuding with his sister, Brandy.

According to TMZ, the feud started a few weekends ago when Princess Love (who is pregnant with Ray's child) tweeted a cryptic message about cheating and not staying with someone just because a baby is on the way. Brandy and her mother took the tweet as a diss to Ray and told her to apologize.

Princess got pissed and told them to stay out of their relationship. The drama blew up so big that Brandy and her mother didn't attend Ray and Princess's baby shower this past weekend. 

There's even proof of Princess and Brandy having issues, after "The Boy Is Mine" singer posted a picture on Instagram (that has since been deleted) congratulating Princess and Ray on their baby. Some loyal comment creepers saw that Princess commented on the pic saying: "STFU posting this I should post what you just text me."