Ray J's latest appearance on the popular Power 105.1 radio show, The Breakfast Club has gone viral after the singer showed off his latest product, a pair of reading glasses called "Bunny Eyez."

If you're wondering what's so special about these glasses, it's quite simple, they can bend and fold in different ways, allowing you to stop using them without actually taking them off. When Ray J showed off the glasses, Charlemagne the God had a pretty good laugh at the artist's expense, but the joke is on Charlemagne now that Twitter is obsessed over the eyewear. Some are even calling him a genius.

Glasses weren't the only thing Ray J showed off. He also used his interview on The Breakfast Club to promote a new personal speaker and some wireless earbuds. All three of the products are a part of his company Raycon Global.

Regardless of what you think of the products, it's clear that Ray J is quite the salesman. Check out a compilation of his pitches in the Instagram post below.