When Kim Kardashian admitted that she was on ecstasy while filming her now infamous sex tape with Ray J, the nation nodded in comprehension. For those who are old enough to remember the video, it was a sight that felt intoxicating due to Kim’s mastery. For those who haven’t seen the tape, imagine a piece of footage that could spiral a woman to stardom. There are over a billion videos on the internet of sexual acts being performed, but Kim’s video took off because she stands out. The rumors that ecstasy makes for passionate and electrifying love plays well into the idea that Kim was on the drug at the time of her performance. TMZ is reporting that sources in Ray J’s circle are denying her claims though.

The “Ray J sources” told TMZ that Kim didn’t take hard drugs or drink alcohol before filming the sex tape. They do claim that she smoked weed from a penis-shaped pipe beforehand though. Kim's statement that her lip was quivering because of the drug was shot down by the sources, who stated, "her lip was quivering because she was getting ******." Still, sources close to Kim are maintaining her story, citing the fact the video is so old that the Kardashian has nothing to gain by lying.