Ray J was so upset about his image being used in Kanye West's "Famous" video that he almost sued, but he's decided to put that emotion into his music instead. As Billboard points out, Overheard has done an interview with Ray J in which he reveals new information about his upcoming music. His new album is set to be titled Raydemption, and will be preceded by a single with Chris Brown called "Famous," which is said to be something of a response to Kanye's video, among other things. "You can’t fault me and Chris for responding to all the things that have been done about us [in the media] over the last few months," he says.

A video will also be filmed for the song, as well as the other cuts, as Ray J plans to put the LP out as a "visual album," which will see exclusive streaming on LookHu.com. LookHu's CEO describes the upcoming album as "a controversial record in which Ray sets the record straight, reclaims his power and moves forward."

As you may remember, the last time Ray J drew some attention from his music was "I Hit It First," a thinly-veiled attempt to capitalize on his past relationship with Kim Kardashian, and the sex tape the two starred in together. 

Somehow, we feel Kanye will have something to say about this. Look out for the single soon.