Not too long ago, we reported on Ray J's latest business venture: an electronic transportation brand called "Raycon." He inked deal for $31 million to get this endeavor off the ground, one that was described on the brand's website as a "premier global brand for innovative, high-demand electronics designed by celebrities." However, that deal has gone at least somewhat south, with the rapper/entrepreneur being targeted in a new lawsuit that's looking to hit him up for all kinds of cash.

TMZ is reporting that, where "Raycon" is concerned, there may be some broken promises that led to some hurt feelings. Ray J, as told in the piece, was supposed to enter into some sort of partnership with a man named Jean Paul back in 2015, with the plan being to make electric scooter and use the rapper's celebrity status to help market the production effectively. Ray was also to directly invest in the company.

However, those plans never came to be and Paul is peeved as a result. In the legal docs, he claims that Ray J turned around and began his own scooter company, which put him directly in competition with Paul and pushed the emcee's potential business partner into an angry legal adversary. There's been no official comment from Ray J's camp, but with the details of the lawsuit still floating in, there are surely more updates to come.

Ray's current pride and joy is the Scoot-E-Bike, a foldable, eco-friendly bike on two wheels that has put "Raycon" on the map in a big way.