Ray J is back making headlines with a brand new mixtape single titled "Did That." 

Featuring a thinly-veiled reference to his "work" with Kim Kardashian, the song (which is also available on iTunes for some reason) finds Ray singing heavily-autotuned vocals about regrets, one of which being "fucking bitches on camera." He never mentions Kim by name, but as TMZ points out, it's safe to assume she's the topic of discussion. The song is a change of heart from "I Hit It First" to say the least.

Despite what he claims, Ray shouldn't be feeling too bad about the tape. According to a report from TMZ, the infamous sex tape has grossed over $50 million--the majority of which has been divided evenly between Ray and Mrs. West. In fact, he just gifted almost 50K of it to Kim as a wedding gift.

Interested in hearing more auto-tuned vocals from the "One Wish" singer? Download Unkut 2 for free right here.

Meanwhile, peep the video for "Never Shoulda Did That" below.