To mark his 38th year on this crusty planet, Ray J bought himself a plethora, $410,000 worth at that. If you must ask, Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. in Scottsdale, AZ, is the proverbial "candy store," Ray J chose to spend his birthday booty. The Barrett-Jackson auction house is a veritable American institution that auto-enthusiasts when cars go out of production. Incidentally, Barrett-Jackson is also a helpful substitute to the outrageous markups found in the Robb Report. 

Ray J secured two automobiles for the collective sum: a 2018 Mercedes-Benz Maybach costing him $320,000, and a 2019 Lincoln Navigator at $90,000. When Barrett Jackson CEO Craig Jackson caught wind of Ray J's presence in the auction house, he barreled down and provided his famous guest with the utmost VIP treatment. Jackson then proceeded to give the R&B slayer a tour of the building, alongside the other noted VIP in the room, Hollywood producer Rd Whittington. After completing RJ posed with his new purchases, later submitted to TMZ in a photo gallery viewable here.

It should be noted that Ray J purchased the larger vehicles because of a growing desire to build his family from the ground up. The R&B singer recently admitted that every decision he's come to make since the birth of his 8-month old daughter counts against the greater good of the family estate. Childbearing hips paved the way for Sport Utility-sized whips. Ray J is on his grown man Ishmael.