When there's a beef between artists, the public often watches it unfold in real-time. Diss tracks are dropped, insults are traded, and sometimes threats are even made. Yet, Ray J and Marques Houston somehow carried on their decade-long animosity in silence for the most part, and on an episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the pair made amends in front of a worldwide audience.

Some may remember that years ago Ray and Marques were at odds and the tension was so heavy that Ray released a diss track "The Booty Fruity" aimed at his foe and Chris Stokes. Later, Ray was was being considered for the television show Cuts, the spin-off of One on One, but because Marques was involved, he was kept out of the loop. That, too, upset Ray, but now that the two men will be hitting the road together for the #TBT Tour, they thought it was best that they put the past behind them.

Ray and Marques hashed out their differences with reality television cameras rolling as the "Sexy Can I" singer offered up apologies. "At the end of the day, I could have approached it different," Ray said. "Like, I got real mad, you know, and I apologize. I said some sh*t that was just uncalled for. When you young and you tryin' to figure it out, sometimes you go into this defense mode and everybody's the enemy. So, I get why a lot of times people was scared of working with me 'cause I'd come through and I'd be lit. A little too lit, but to go on tour now would be f*ckin' dope." Check out these two working out their issues like grown folks in the clip below.