It's Celebrity Siblings Week on The Talk, so the hosts were joined by Brandy Norwood and her equally famous brother Ray J. During their appearance on the talk show, the topic of Kim Kardashian's recent throwback Instagram photo came up in the conversation. Each time Kim shares pictures of herself wearing braids or cornrows, she faces accusations of cultural appropriation. While many have blasted Kim for her look, Brandy and Ray J think people are taking things too far.

"I don’t think that she’s guilty. I definitely believe in [cultural appropriation], but I think it’s reaching a little bit for people to say [that],” Brandy said. “I mean, it’s great. I love braids. I think everybody should have braids, but I think we’re going too far with that with her.” Then one of the hosts moved on to Brandy's brother by saying, "Ray J, you know Kim Kardashian," subliminally referencing their previous romance and infamous sex tape. The audience roared in applause and screams.

“Here's what I think. I got nothing but respect,” Ray J stated calmly. “I just think that if you are paying homage to another culture by, you know, rocking the braids, I think it’s a compliment. It should be looked at as it's going global. I think that when you get up and you feel good and you look good and other people say, ‘Hey, I wanna feel good, I want to look like that,’ that should be a compliment and a plus.”

Kim has previously addressed the controversy during a BeautyCon L.A. panel discussion. “I’ve definitely had my fair share of backlash when I’ve worn braids. I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel around the world and see so many different cultures that have so many different beauty trends,” she said of her styles, adding that it all comes from a “real place of love and appreciation.” Watch Brandy Norwood and Ray J on The Talk below.