Bryant K. Coleman, the man who reportedly catfished Ray Allen, now believes that the 10x NBA All-Star wants him killed, according to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports.

In the documents, Coleman claims Ray Allen called him on September 9th and said he wanted to "ensure that I went away and never opened my mouth again." Adding, "He said he wanted me to get what I deserved."

According to TMZ, Coleman filed the petition for a temporary restraining order against Allen on November 6th, a petition that was granted by a Florida judge.

Coleman alleges that Allen repeatedly spied on him by sending his associates to follow him in his community, citing one incident that allegedly took place in a Publix market on October 10th where Coleman says a man approached him and told him to "watch your back."

Coleman also claims he received a phone call from someone threatening to strangle him, and believes the caller was Ray Allen. In the documents obtained by TMZ, Coleman says Allen was recently seen in public with two armed men and believes the 2x NBA champ may be planning a "more direct attack."

Allen's lawyer says the accuser is a "deranged individual" who is obsessed with the former NBA star. 


"As with everything else related to Briant or Bryant Coleman, his petition for a restraining order was filled with lies, falsehoods and fantasies."

"He is a seriously deranged individual who Ray Allen has never met, never spoken with directly or threatened in any way. Coleman is the stalker here who is obsessed with Ray."

Ray wants nothing to do with him and is exploring all legal options to stop him from continuing to harass and threaten him, his family and friends"

Last week, Ray Allen filed an emergency motion in Orange County, Florida, asking a court to throw out the case where he is accused of stalking Coleman. 

In the filing, Ray Allen alleges that Coleman threatened to reveal details of their conversations, and that they eventually struck a deal to keep everything private. However, Allen said that deal has been violated and Coleman has continued to harass him and his family via social media. He has asked the court to prevent Coleman from "cyber-stalking."