When you're a famous athlete who has earned quite a bit of success in your career, there is an expectation that your kids will be just as great as you. While this expectation isn't exactly fair, there are certainly children of famous athletes who have gone on to have success of their own. Right now, the best example is Bronny James Jr., who continues to shine despite the footsteps laid ahead by his father, LeBron. 

Ray Allen is another legendary basketball player who has sons of his own and as you would expect, they're basketball players too. In a recent video posted to Instagram, Allen sits near his outdoor court and comments on the free throws his sons are shooting. As Allen explains, he makes them complete 70 percent of their free throws after a drill in order to teach them how to be clutch when you're tired and the game is on the line.


In the video, one of his sons isn't having too much luck from the line, while the younger one is making them with ease. After performing drills, it's clear the kids are tired but Allen's teachings will certainly provide a valuable lesson about hard work. Not every kid is privileged to have an NBA-championship winning father and the advice he gives them will go a long way.

At the end of the day, only hard work is going to allow you to achieve your goals.