Raury made his television debut last night on Stephen Colbert's Late Show, and he made sure to make it a memorable introduction. The first guest on Colbert's show was none other than Donald Trump, currently making headlines for the insane antics and extreme right wing views he's put forth in his presidential campaign -- so Raury decided it was a good time to take a stand against Trump.

Trump's argument to stop Mexican immigration to the U.S. has been one of his most talked about arguments, and that seemed to be the main target of Raury's performance.

The singer and rapper donned a Mexico soccer jersey throughout his set, turning around halfway through to reveal the name Trump across the back, with a large ex through the letters. 

Raury expanded on his statement on Twitter following the show, writing "I got love for my Hispanic community I stand with all people in times of oppression".

Trump generally doesn't take these kind of things lightly (remember his "beef" with "little Mac Miller"?), but so far he hasn't acknowledged Raury.

Check out the performances and his tweets below.