Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings has some high praise for New York Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley. Of course, Barkley had a monster season in the NFL this year. He was the second overall pick and lived up to his expectations with 1,307 rushing yards, 721 receiving yards, and 15 touchdowns, according to Pro-Football-Reference.

In an interview with TMZ, Jennings said Barkley is the obvious choice to be the rookie of the year, despite players like Baker Mayfield putting up solid campaigns of their own.

"He can wear a gold jacket one day," Jennings said. "Hands down he should win rookie of the year. if he doesn't win rookie of the year we got some problems."

Jennings has shown his support for Barkley in the past. Last March before he was even drafted, Jennings took to Twitter saying "That kid Saquon Barkley gonna win Rookie Of The Year! Looking forward to watching him play." It's clear Jennings knew that the running back was special, and he's being proved right.

Do you agree? Should Saquon get rookie of the year honors or do they belong to someone else?