After 25 years in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors won their first ever NBA Title last night by defeating the Golden State Warriors in six games. The final score was 114-110 and at the end of the game, the Raptors got to celebrate as a team in one of the most iconic moments in Canadian basketball history. The entire team and their president, Masai Ujiri, got to take the stage after the game where they were given the championship trophy. It should have been a time to celebrate but now, reports are saying there may have been an altercation involving Ujiri just moments after the game.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after Ujiri allegedly shoved and struck a sheriff's deputy in the face after being denied access to the court. According to TMZ, Ujiri didn't have the proper credentials to get to the court and that's when the incident happened.

Ujiri was never arrested for the altercation and was able to give a speech with his team immediately after. In the video which can be viewed above, the deputy looks furious while Ujiri stands there unbothered. Perhaps the deputy didn't recognize Ujiri and that;'s what ultimately led to the altercation. 

The Sheriff's Office is currently looking into the situation and is thinking about pressing charges. Stay tuned for more information.