Heading into the NBA Orlando bubble city, numerous players throughout the NBA expressed just how important it was for them to be able to make political statements, especially in light of everything that is going on right now. In fact, the NBA is going to allow players to put various messages on the back of their jerseys, instead of their last names. Today, numerous players announced exactly what some of their plans for that were. Many of these name tags will read: "freedom," "How many more," and "Equality."

The Toronto Raptors made their way to Orlando today, and they made a statement of their own with their team buses. In the post below, you can see that both of their busses had "Black Lives Matter" printed in big lettering on the side. It's a show of solidarity from the defending champs, that will certainly go a long way.

As for the remainder of the season, the first games are supposed to be played on July 30th, with the NBA Finals going down in September and October. We're about to be in for one hell of a ride and fans are excited to see how it will all shape up, especially with these political statements on the horizon.