Back in 2017, sportswear juggernaut, Nike received high praise from female Muslim athletes after they unveiled the Nike Pro Hijab to the world. For a long time, Muslim women didn't have an athletic option when it came to wearing a Hijab while playing sports and Nike was right there with a viable option. In a brand new campaign, Nike is teaming up with the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors for a co-branded version of the Nike Pro Hijab.

The campaign was revealed on the Raptors social media pages and shows off a black Hijab which has the Raptors claw logo and the Nike swoosh on each side. It's a sleek design that will surely appeal to all of the Raptors fans out there who have been looking into purchasing the athletic Hijab.

“It goes back to my experience as an athlete. Growing up, I didn’t have so many role models that looked like me," a woman in the video said. “It’s about Muslim females not having to give up their identity or feeling like they have to sacrifice some portion of their identity, but also still play whatever sport they want.”

If you're looking to purchase this piece, you can do so at Toronto’s RealSports retail storefront.