When Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Toronto Raptors last summer, there was a ton of uncertainty as to whether or not he would perform well with them. Of course, those questions were quickly erased as the Raptors were one of the best teams in the league this season and ended up winning their first ever championship. Leonard won NBA Finals MVP and was easily the best player on the court throughout the playoffs. Thanks to his play, Raptors fans are eagerly awaiting what he will do in free agency.

Leonard can go wherever he wants this Summer and some believe he will go to the Los Angeles Clippers. If you're a Raptors fan, it only makes sense that you would be hoping for Kawhi to re-sign and turn the Raptors into a dynasty. Fans in Toronto made these feelings heard during the championship parade when "Five More Years" chants rang throughout the city as the team's float made its way through the streets.

The chants were orchestrated by Raptors star Kyle Lowry who has been a key part of the best stretch of basketball in the franchise's history.

Should Leonard come back to the Raptors, they will surely become a contender again next season, although the fan base in Toronto seems to be quite satisfied with this current championship.