Rapsody ended 2017 on a big note. Her 14-track project Laila's Wisdom landed her a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album, being the only female on the list that sees her going head to head with one of her collaborators and inspirations, Kendrick Lamar

It seemingly took some time for the masses to recognize her solo move, but in a recent chat with The Breakfast Club she says how "people need validation sometimes." She explains that fans listening to her album a little late is still appreciated. 

Later in the conversation, Rapsody references Billboard's recent article on her and Cardi B that explains how the two are "polar opposite." 

"It's crazy a lot of times with females - it can only be one and it feels like...I get it, I can put out a post on Instagram and my comments can be like "she's whatever,"" she says in the video below. "She's not supposed to be me, you know, there's room for us all. I wouldn't want to hear me 24 hours a day. Sometimes you wanna go turn-up, and if I'm turning up I'm listening to Cardi B."

She further explains how the music industry needs a balance and there's a place for different kinds of artists.

Rapsody later talks about Jay Z being her competition, working with Remy Ma and why she hasn't worked with J. Cole. Watch below.