Rapsody sat down with DJ Booth to discuss her memorable interactions with Mac Miller dating back to their first meeting when the Pittsburgh-native showed up to 9th Wonder's Jamla Soundlab ready to compute. This was back in 2010 when Khrysis and 9th had made his connection in the Idlewild times of Twitter. Rapsody, who was on hand for the impromptu session, remembers a younger Mac Miller as an "energetic kid who was filled with so much love." 

Within that very session, Mac, 9th, and Rapsody were able to muster enough creative energy to craft one of their lone songs together, the rare song where Miller actually employs a "sniper-like flow" in lieu of mopey-ness that became his calling card for years to come. Several days after completing the record, a light went off in Mac Miller's head, leading him to ask 9th Wonder for permission to grab Rapsody for an upcoming tour. “Yo, I wanna bring Rapsody on the road with me," he asked without trepidation. 

As luck would have it, the invite would be the first of Rapsody's career, thanks to Mac Miller's generosity. Rapsody remembers the ill-fated stop in Fort Lauderdale better than the rest, because of an instance where Mac Miller came to her defense onstage.

According to Rapsody, the crowd already drenched due to monsoon-like weather conditions on the outside, was forced to endure 4 acts in their soaking outfits by the time a then-unknown hit the stage for her 30-minute opening set - if it weren't for an impassioned interjection from Mac Miller, the crowd would have revolted against her, in their sad state. 

“Yo, Rap is my friend and she’s gonna finish her set," Mac Miller demanded from the unfocused crowd. "And Y'all are gonna show respect.”

And as history would have it, the crowd fell in line, and even grew to love her "Return of the B-Girl" stylings minutes later. Check out the rest of the interview right here. The deeper we dig, the more we learn of Mac Miller's strong desire to make discernible connections with real people. They just happened to involve fellow musician-types more often than not.