Jay Z's partnership with the NFL has brought on a variety of reactions from people who support the rapper but also an even number of people such as Eric Reid who called Jay "despicable" since he once declined a chance to perform at the halftime show and boycotted the sports league for what they did to Colin Kaepernick.

Rapsody is another act to share her opinion on the matter - specifically Jay telling the media that we're "past kneeling" - and according to her, Jay's affiliation with the NFL is a great move "because you got to make change from the inside."

"[JAY-Z] said it perfectly," she told the crew over at The Breakfast Club, as seen below. "If the issue why we were kneeling was to bring awareness to these issues than that's exactly what's happening. It's not about the kneeling... It's not about Kaepernick either. Kaepernick wanted to bring awareness but it's bigger than that. And if you're going to get Kaepernick in there's no better way than having JAY-Z sit at the table and figure this thing out."

"For one, when has Jay-Z ever taken a knee to come out and tell us that we're past kneeling?" Eric said in response to Jay's comment. "Yes, he's done a lot of great work, a lot of great social justice work. But for you to get paid to go into an NFL press conference and say that we're past kneeling? Again, asinine. Players Coalition 2.0, he got paid to take the bullets he's taking now because we're not having it."