Rappers have extremely demanding work schedules, especially the successful ones. With all the time they need to prioritize towards writing music, recording, performing and engaging in press interviews, a lot of them just simply use the time to rest and unwind. However, some of them find extra time to pick up truly unique and worthwhile hobbies.

When thinking about what rappers do for fun most people probably think they just head out to bars to drink, smoke, woo women and party with their friends, since that’s what is usually highlighted in tabloids and the media. According to the rappers on this list, there’s more to them than that.

A lot of the hobbies on this list are unusual or surprising, like bug collecting, while others, like smoking weed are expected. Although what’s interesting about the hobbies of some of these rappers is that it introduces you to another side of that rapper, whether it is their generous, athletic, and even their gentle or feminine sides. Not all rappers act hard all the time. A lot of them only act that way in their music or in interviews. They are people just like us and have similar interests, such as cooking, skateboarding and even playing chess.