Some of the more brutal memes that sprung up in the wake of Drake's Meek Mill diss tracks were the ones shouting "R.I.P." or insinuating that Meek's career was dead. With a recent number one album, a good record deal and (most importantly) a ton of talent, Meek doesn't seem like he's going anywhere anytime soon, but people claiming that "diss songs can't ruin careers" in the wake of "Back To Back" are somewhat off the mark.

Hip-hop's long timeline is now strewn with the names of has-beens, flashes in the pan and erstwhile superstars, and while money problems, legal issues, lack of talent, substance abuse and other factors are more commonly cited as reasons for those casualties of the game, getting intelligently, un-fuck-with-ably dissed is pretty lethal as well. Most of the time, those snuffed by a single track are small fries who take on rap titans-- while beefs between greats usually have a victor, the loser is still resilient enough to limp off, lick their wounds and continue on. 

Here are eight rappers who were never able to recover from the lyrical smackdowns they received from their rivals.