From its birth, Hip Hop culture has been majorly influential for a lot of fashion trends. One of the most recognizable is the sporting of chains. But why do rappers wear these flashy pieces of jewelry? There are probably a ton of different theories and possibilities as to why but some think that wearing "ostentatious articles indicate monetary success. Since most rappers come from low or middle income upbringings, it also represents their rise to success, especially if all odds were against them prior to their careers". However these beautiful symbols of success "not only portray the fact that they have money, but also represent literal chaining, a practice that was done during the times of slavery. They wear chains as a symbol of paying homage; in an ironic twist, however, they put themselves in the very chains that their ancestors worked so hard to get out of".

All in all, the wearing of chains is an important element of hip hop and will remain a staple symbol in the culture. In honor of this iconic fashion trend, we've put together a list of some of the flashiest most out-there pieces in the game! Check out the unique designs and what rappers are willing to dish out for their jewelry.