A Rhode Island rapper by the name of Montana Millz has recently been arrested for selling drugs. However, therein lies a darkly comedic bit of poetic justice here, as Millz actually had a song by the name of "Sell Drugz." In light of this unfortunate development, Millz must be applauded for one thing - at least he never lied to his listeners. According to The Associated Press, Millz was sentenced to three years in federal prison for the sale of heroin and fentanyl. The thirty-year-old rapper, born Michael Persaud, was apparently busted after attempting to sell drugs to an undercover officer. 

The feds were reportedly watching Millz for more than four months, during which an East Providence undercover officer bought twenty-two grams of fentanyl and two grams of heroin. After obtaining a search warrant, authorities seized nearly one and a half ounces of fentanyl from his home. While prosecutors were originally pushing for a six year sentence, a judge opted to give Millz three years hard time; Millz' lawyer later called the sentence "fair and just."

Strangely enough, many of the publications reporting on this story seem so enamored with the seemingly self-fulfilling prophecy they're overlooking one crucial question. Has anyone actually heard the song "Sell Drugz?" None of the reports provided a link to the music, which led me to wonder whether such a song as "Sell Drugz" actually existed in the first place. After doing some digging, I managed to track down the origin - a mixtape on Datpiff called Food For Thought. The song is actually available on Youtube (as seen below), but the only version was uploaded one day ago. And while Montana Millz' actually had more popular songs than "Sell Drugz," it seems as if the chase for a hilarious headline proved too tempting to resist.