Hosting live shows through the pandemic has been undeniably difficult to do. Over the weekend, New York rapper Toosii's show in Jacksonville, Florida was ended in gunfire after someone opened fire on the crowd

Early footage of the night shows shots being fired into an open crowd while people attempted to flee on foot. The assailants were allegedly following individuals in their vehicles, with the caption of the initial video saying "Bro this is crazy they shooting and they chasing them in there cars."

In a video uploaded to his Instagram, however, the rapper cleared up any rumors about what actually went down last night. He wrote, "Last night at my show in Jacksonville, Florida I got maced for no reason at all along with several of my fans (young fans)."

He continued to explain, "They shut it down because of capacity so I went outside to greet everyone and this is what happened. I love y’all and f*ck them i’ll be back." According to Toosii's story, his venue being overcapacity and the show being subsequently shut down is what resulted in someone opening gunfire outside while the rapper greeted fans outside. 

Thankfully, Toosii nor any fans in attendance were injured.