As social media continues to eliminate all boundaries, the viral broadcasting of the proverbial "L" is a rising trend and the latest rapper to take one while the camera is rolling is apparently Seattle's Lil Mosey, well-known for tracks like "Noticed" and "Pull Up," who appeared to have his jewelry taken in a filmed robbery.

In the clip that's currently circulating, Mosey and his crew appear to be giving their chains to someone who demands that the jewelry is handed over in what looks to be to be someone's home. What makes the situation all the more bizarre is that the assailant doesn't seem to be armed from what the camera shows and before the brief clip cuts out he says, "Why you n-ggas leaving? We just talking."

In an Instagram Live session that follows, however, Mosey is seen wearing his same signature "BANDKID" piece that was snatched in the robbery.Brieflyy addressing the robbery Mosey says, "Just over some clout and shit. thought we was cool."

There's no clear indication as to just what was going when the 16-year old h but maybe it's a karmic cylce of events after Mosey pulled a now-viral prank on fans in which he acted as though he and his crew were robbing them after inviting them onto his tour bus.