It is sad to announce that rising rapper Lil Lonnie has been murdered in a fatal shooting. XXL reports that Lonnie was killed last night, just before midnight. He was twenty-two.

Apparently, Lonnie was driving a car when he was shot; afterward, he proceeded to crash into the front of a house. The report indicates that he was shot multiple times, although other details are scarce at the moment. The WDAM indicates that Lonnie Taylor (the rapper's real name) was pronounced dead on arrival, but the woman riding with him managed to remain unharmed. Police claim that Lonnie's car was fired on from the bar, which indicates that his shooters were most probably following him down Montebello Drive. 

Lonnie was on the rise in the South, with his popular mixtape They Know What’s Goin’ On landing him in the spotlight; it went on to be the biggest release of the year on LiveMixtapez. His followups were equally checked for. Now, Lonnie's life has ended, and his Instagram is being flooded with blessings and condolences. Sadly, these shootings continue to plague the rap game, particularly in the South. Hopefully those who murdered Lil Lonnie will be found and taken into custody. Our hearts go out to Lonnie's family. 

Rest in peace Lil Lonnie.