The changes over at 1501 Certified Entertainment have helped in the label's success and speculation. The buzz about the Houston collective increased astronomically following the success of Megan Thee Stallion's "Big Ole Freak," and soon, the rapper became the new "it" artist in the game. We've continued to watch Megan's career reach new heights with each release and collaboration, but her conflict with her label has taken center stage. Megan is managed by Roc Nation as she and her label are looking to end their legal battle, which will be soon, according to Rap-A-Lot Records legend J. Prince.

The label moved on to Erica Banks, a Dallas rapper that has been taking the world by storm. She's an artist on the rise thanks to her "Buss It" single taking over TikTok with its own challenge, but she's not the only woman in rap that 1501 has been working with. Wife and mother of four Kona Lisa is also on the roster but a recent video she shared suggests that she's at odds with her team. She dropped a few bars and alleges her label is no longer progressing her career.

"No I'm not from Dallas but I'm still a star b*tch / My label they ain't really f*ckin wit me 'cause they found out I was a smart b*tch," Kona Lisa spits over Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk's "Back in Blood" beat. Later, she even drops Pooh Shiesty's name and references Gucci Mane as she closes her rhymes out with, "Even Pooh say I'm so shiesty / I should've signed to so icy."

Kona Lisa doesn't expand on her label issues other than that, but you can check out her bars below and let us know if she would be better fitted with Gucci Mane and his team.