What goes through somebody's mind when they decide to get a tattoo like this? Sauce Family affiliate Drippy recently took a trip to the tattoo shop to scout out what he wanted as his next piece. The rapper clearly wanted to send a message with his new ink, perhaps hoping that some clout manages to fall into his lap but instead, many of the comments are simply clowning him for making such a questionable decision.

We've seen our fair share of face tattoos over the years. It certainly takes guts to decide to get anything permanently added to your face. Your visage is the first thing that people see when you present yourself to them so most people opt not to get face tattoos. Drippy took things to a new extreme by possibly getting the most ridiculous ink on his face that we've ever witnessed.

Several days ago, the saucey individual posted a video of himself with a new piece over his eye. Iconic Pokémon character Pikachu was tattooed directly over his right eye, which would be classified by many as a dumb move. In case you weren't sure if it was real either, he posted a new shot from a couple of days after, showing off the healed result. "POKÉMON ON MY EYE I KANT EVEN PEEK AT CHU," wrote Drippy.

Do you think he'll regret this decision?