Fans of Baby Soulja were in a panic back in February when there was a message uploaded to his Instagram page that said the 25-year-old rapper was dead. Days earlier he was involved in a car accident, so when the news surfaced, it quickly circulated that he passed away. However, his brother jumped online to call the whole thing a hoax, blaming the false information on Baby Soulja's, real name Charles Doles, Instagram being hacked.

We're sure that Doles, who is signed to FloRida's record label StrongArm, wishes his current reality was nothing more than a fabrication because it's being reported that the young rapper has been arrested. Earlier this week, Doles, along with 48-year-old Adrian Dove, was taken into custody in Savannah, Georgia in connection to a shooting. According to WTOC 11 News, back in May, a 33-year-old man named Dorian Brooks was shot and killed. Police received a call that there was an injured person in need of help, but when they arrived on the scene, Brooks lay dead with little clues as to who took his life.

The investigation led authorities to Doles and Dove, and while Dove was apprehended in Ithaca, New York earlier this month, Doles was arrested on Wednesday. “The collaborative work between our detectives, SERFTF and our federal and outside agencies proved to be efficient, effective and successful,” Roy Minter, SPD Chief of Police stated according to WSAV 3 News. “I am proud of the outstanding work from our detectives and the dedication from the multiple task forces that assisted us with this case. Due to their work, the family of this victim finally has the closure they deserve." Doles faces a murder charge while Dove is looking at a charge of party to a crime.

On Thursday, a jailhouse call was shared to Doles's Instagram page where he assured his family and friends that he's doing well behind bars. "To all my family and fans ... I’ll be out real soon .. and all my prayer warriors continue to pray for me🙏🙏🙏 truss," reads the caption. Check it out below.