The first time I ever heard Fab was when I was 12. I heard “Can’t Deny It” and realized  that he was beyond nice. You see, Fabolous is a gladiator. You can throw him in the octagon and he’ll walk out unscathed. I always refer to him as the Vince Carter of rap because at any moment, he could unleash an array of tricks that could leave you in awe. Fab is an extraordinary talent that can mesmerize you with his pen game. Lyrically, he’s been as consistent as anybody else in the rap game. Every time he drops a bar, you’re liable to do the ugly face. That’s rare nowadays. Despite all of that, Fab also had moments where you questioned his motor. Like Vince, there would be times where I pondered, “Damn, is that it Fab?” Like many fans, I was left craving more because I was hoping that he would one day crack open that seal of potential and take the proverbial crown of New York.

For the past month, Fab’s inner beast has been awoken. We all know that Fab’s success as a lyrical specimen emanated from desecrating freestyles and features. He’s always had a penchant for flaunting that decadent flow of his whenever he had the chance to. For whatever reason, Fab linked up with his old partner in crime DJ Clue and dedicated his Fridays to dropping freestyles over old school beats. Instead going to La Marina for the thots, Fab entrapped himself in the studio to show that his jumper is still cash money.  Can you say, “Lituation?”

We decided to rank his Friday Freestyles from worst to best this Friday.