It's written in hip-hop lore: The story of a Detroit kid who fought severe personal poverty in hip-hop's battle underground, all the way to mainstream dominance. There's arguably been no other hip-hop star that's reached the level of cultural omnipresence that Eminem has at the turn of the millennium. He was hip-hop's greatest hopes and society's biggest fears all in one.

Eminem did this both through skill and sheer will. Think about how on-point you have to be to not only redeem Caucasians' place in the culture, but also completely overtake it at such a grand, diamond-selling level. Eminem has been noticeably guarded in the recent interviews commemorating The Marshall Mathers LP 2's release, but he definitely has the right to be that way. His work, which includes genre-defining classics, speaks for itself. 

From The Slim Shady LP to MMLP2, here's his discography ranked from worst to best. We've chosen to only include solo full-length releases.

What's your all-time favorite Eminem album?