Drake might just be the most divisive pop artist of our lifetimes. He certainly inspires more conversation on this site with each new release than any other artist ever has, with debates (especially around last year's Views) raging on with nearly every conceivable opinion represented-- yes, some people even ride for "Pop Style." But even beyond interpersonal disagreements, Drake often inspires conflicted feelings in individual listeners. Just the other day someone told me, "I hate Drake," and then seconds later said, "'Passionfruit' is a perfect song." 

Credit Drake's omnivorous appetite for genres, vibes, and even dialects, as well as his palpable self-consciousness, for throwing us all for a loop even as he's topping charts. There's something for everyone in his discography, but more likely than not, there's also at least a few tracks in there that you simply can't stand. 

With More Life, possibly his most eclectic album yet, just starting to cool down, we're looking back at all of Drizzy's albums and giving them the 2017 evaluation. All for-sale projects have been factored in, which leaves Room For Improvement and Comeback Season out of the mix, but includes basically everything he's released since. And while I'm the only one writing these blurbs justifying the placement of each album, the whole editorial board weighed in on the rankings. Needless to say, Drake's discography brought up some disagreements, but as mentioned before, that's par for the course with Drizzy. Prepare to get pissed off about this order, and after you've yelled into your pillow for a few minutes, sound off in the comments.

Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images