Saturday’s Pro Football Hall of Fame was obviously focused on achievements within the realm of the sport. Still, one honoree found a way to make a subtle political statement. Former wide receiver, Randy Moss, chose to wear a tie that bore a lot of meaning for the occasion. Instead of being etched with the markings of a logo, the tie was stitched with the names of slain Black Americans, mostly young men who were killed by law enforcement.

Moss revealed his intentions in wearing the political statement during an interview with the NFL network.

"What I wanted to express with my tie was to let these families know they’re not alone. I’m not here voicing, but by [having] these names on my tie, in a big platform like the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there’s a lot of stuff going on in our country and I just wanted these family members to know they’re not alone.”

The names he wore for the occasion included Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Paul O'Neal, Greg Gunn and more. Even though his fashion was expressing a very important message about police brutality, Ross chose to let those names speak for themselves and opted to focus his 17-minute speech on his family and his West Virginian upbringing.