This serves as your random but extremely necessary news of the day: Jay Z follows only one person on Twitter, and it's Slaughterhouse MC Joe Budden. What does this mean???

Complex brought this to our attention today, and as they pointed out, the other week Hov was only following Devi Dev, an L.A. radio personality. Jay isn't the most active Twitter user, somewhat like his Watch The Throne counterpart Kanye West-- he tweets far and few between, so when he does do "something" on Twitter, it tends to make headlines. Prime example being this. 

Kanye West is also following just one person, but that one makes more sense as it's his wifey, Kim Kardashian. Hova isn't even following his baby mama Beyonce. It's not like Joe and Jay are buddy-buddy, they have had some light beef in the past.

We'll let you interpret what this all means, but see the screenshot in the gallery above. Because the internet.