Los Angeles Rams defensive back Marcus Peters was involved in a verbal altercation with a fan on Sunday, during the team's 30-23 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. 

As seen in footage taken from the crowd at L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Peters was seated on the bench when suddenly he got up and started walking up the steps that lead to the crowd while calling out the heckler.

“Where you from? Where you from, homie?” Peters said as he walked up the steps that separate field from stands. "Square ass n**ga. Talk that shit now, n**ga. F*ck you mean, n**ga."

Rams personnel pulled him away before the situation escalated, though Peters continued shouting at the fan as he was led away.

According to TMZ Sports the heckler said he does not like the fact the footage has gone viral, as he’s a fan of Peters and doesn’t want this publicity to reflect on the four-year veteran.