Listening to Ralo's new mixtape, Diary Of The Streets 2, you'd never assume that he and Young Thug had beef in the past. Not only does Thugger appear on multiple songs, but the two have a very similar vocal approach -- a high register snarl that gives them an instant chemistry on record. However, it took a mutual friend to get the two Atlanta rappers to see eye to eye, as Ralo explained in our recent interview.

"The thing that changed the beef between Young Thug and I would have to be a jeweler by the name of Elliott. He's a very close friend to him and I," said Ralo, who would advise Elliott not to bring Thug's name up around him. "He already know what's happening, because he went pop, but Thug was actually in the streets also."

It was only when Ralo heard the kind words Thug had for him that he decided to squash the beef, recalling a story Elliott told him. "He was like 'Man, I know you aren't gonna wanna hear this about Thug, because you don't like hearing about it. Thug said that 'Ralo a real n*gga, he a real gangsta, he deserve everything he got, and even if he don't fuck with me, I fuck with him.'"

"That kinda like stole my heart," admitted Ralo, who promptly made peace with the fellow Atlanta rapper. "I called everybody and said 'guns down on Young Thug. I fuck with him.' Then we started doing music together... Growing up in the streets, if you're against him, I'm against him too, but he's actually a really good dude, he'd do anything for me." 

Later on, Ralo spoke on the similarities between his voice and Young Thug's. "It's a lot of n*ggas that sound like us in Atlanta. It's just our voices are now being heard," he said. "Now they've accepted my voice. When I did my first video with Young Scooter and I put it on World Star, they clowned me... That shit kind of fucked with my spirit. It was like they belittled me or something. It almost made me stop rapping... I had to really swallow that shit and believe in myself."

Watch the full interview below.