Things just keep looking worse for Atlanta rapper, Ralo, who's arrest at a the DeKalb-Peachtree Peachtree airport on April 15th has led to a very precarious legal situation. According to Complex, Ralo was denied the opportunity to pay bail by a federal judge at a hearing on Tuesday.

After Ralo's arrest, he was officially charged with "two federal counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana." The two charges come from two separate instances where police seized huge quantities of marijuana from vehicles connected to Ralo and his associates. The first, police claim, was back in December, when police tracked a van that had been driven by one of Ralo's entourage and allegedly found 500 pounds of marijuana inside. The second incident, which led to Ralo's arrest, came when police raided his private plane, and allegedly found another 444 pounds of weed, for a total street value of almost $2 million. 

Following Tuesday's hearing, Ralo's label representatives issued a statement, saying that "Ralo will maintain his plea of not guilty to today's charges. We ask for continued prayers and appreciate the outpouring of love from everyone, family and friends included. Ralo will continue to work to be the best artist and entertainer and community leader that he is. We hope that he will soon be released to complete his current show schedule."

The support from the community did come, as a rally for his release appeared inside the courthouse during his sentencing, which was so packed that they apparently couldn't keep everyone inside the building.