Ralo addresses the Police Stop that was widely sensationalized by the media earlier this week. In an Instagram post shared yesterday, Ralo makes 3 bold cases for his innocence. He casts the blame squarely against law enforcement. The video below via DJ Akademiks, provides live footage of him being pulled over in his Yellow Lambo.

His first point touches on Georgia registration laws which he feels are too stringent.

"#1 most hated type of guy in this country. On my birthday i was pulled over due to cancellation of registration.GA law states that on day of your birthday you have to renew your registration. "

His second point remarks on an inaccuracy in the system.

"2) In their computer system my license was suspended. "

The third point details the logical basis of his stance.

"3) I didn’t have proof of insurance. My bond was paid b4 i walked in the jail. Kristie made sure of that. I went to court this morning, for some strange reason my license is active, an why da fuck would i pay ah half ah million dollars for a car an not have insurance on it???"

All signs point toward the reported incident not being filing as a documented arrest, but rather a minor detainment. Never the less, Ralo feels he was wronged by the Atlanta Police Dept and the department of vehicle registration.