After a less than blockbuster year with the Chicago Bulls, Rajon Rondo is moving forward and has reportedly signed with the New Orleans Pelican's on a one-year contract according to Bleacher Report

Rondo averaged just 7.8 points per game in his time with the Bulls, which has been his lowest since entering the league as a rookie. His assists and steals averages also took a dip since the 2015-16 season, going from 11.7 and 2.0 to 6.7 and 1.4, respectively. Sadly his days as a pivotal player among the Big 3 in Boston seem to be fading in the distance quicker and quicker.

However alongside Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins, two of the most creative bigs in the game, Rondo has a chance to use his undeniably playmaking ability to really bring the team together. This could be a good fit for both parties involved.